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Our best heifer

is selling as Lot 9 in the MILE HIGH NIGHT SALE

in Denver on Friday, January 16, 2015


P43436851 calved September 14, 2013. Bred to SHF WONDER M326 W18 ET on Nov. 19, 2014.

     BITTERSWEET is the product of a flush between CRACKER JACK, a premier sire of females and 324N, an ONLINE daughter that attained DAM OF DISTINCTION status on her first three calves, as did her first and only daughter (until we began flushing 324N at age 9). 324N is the cow we would pattern all our cows after- highly productive with that extra genetic strength that only comes along occasionally in a lifetime of breeding. She was very sound and had great feet, a very nice udder with tremendous milk flow, a beautiful front end followed by a big, sweeping middle and a good hip. A cow with a lot of shape and thickness who was easy-feeding and gentle to handle. She posted a 120 and 116 lifetime weaning and yearling ratio,respectively, on seven natural calves and maintained a 367 day lifetime calving interval.

     BITTERSWEET’s full sibling, LHF 26U JACKHAMMER A363 ET, was shown in Denver and placed second in the February bull calf class and will see heavy use in our herd. Another brother sired by MR HEREFORD was a member of our 2014 Denver pen of bulls.

     As exciting as BITTERSWEET is phenotypically, she also presents a very well-balanced spectrum of EPDs. All of her numbers are better than breed average with the exception of$BII. Birth, growth, maternal, and carcass numbers are pretty hard to find, all in one package. Here’s a GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

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